Hana GardenRoom

(1&2) night stays Please click GardenRoom Link Below
+ 17.962% taxes
No Cleaning fees

Check for availability of
 your Hana Maui vacation 
rental by contacting 
Frank at:


+1 808 495 2577
7AM and 6PM
Hawaiian Standard Time

Call with your Visa/MC

Frank Kennedy
P O Box 640
Hana, Hawaii 96713

Prices and policies subject to change without
notice until reservation is confirmed.

                                                  Policies for The Hana GardenRoom

General Policies
Any of  these Policies may be waved at our sole discretion and must be in writing. Please note that this a 
  non-smoking rental. 
Animal Policy
 No animals allowed.   I have an extremely friendly, outside onlycats & dog.  If you feel that they need to reside indoors while you are there, I will charge you an additional $200.00 for disinfecting the rentals.
Reservation Policy.
Stays at the Garden Room require the full amount due when you reserve.  
No guests or visitors are allowed except for registered guests.  (All Guests Must Register)  There will be a $200 per person per day charge, for the entire length of your scheduled stay, made to your credit card, for anyone  that is not a registered guest.  No third party bookings.  No changes or substitutions of guests after booking.
Cancellation and Change Policy
 For the Hana GardenRoom there is a flat $50 fee per night booked.    
If you cancel 45 days or less before your arrival date, you are responsible for the entire amount due for your reservation.    We will only refund any amount for the days we can re-book, minus a $25.00 per night service fee.
If you wish to change your reservation, there will be a $25 service fee. this change fee is payable in advance of any change.   The change must be made at least 31 or more days before your arrival date.
 As hard as we have tried, we cannot control the weather on your travels to Hana.  Refunds are at our discretion.
Late Check out
You may inquire about staying past check out time.  At our discretion and in writing, we may allow a specified time for checkout.  If you do not inquire or stay past these times, we have the right to charge your credit card an additional $50 per hour, or for  any portion of an hour.  

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