There is a 95 lb. dog an 8 lb. cat, very friendly, but if you do not like animals do not book.  Both animals are outdoor only pets.

You agree to check in between 2pm and 6pm only. We are not available after 6pm. 

No 3rd party bookings. If you are not registered with Airbnb or VRBOyou use someone else's  listing you will not be accepted or your reservation will be cancelled. We require all names of guests, please send along additional guest names unless they are already registered with your booking. 

After booking and registration no changes can be made to who is registered or guest names without our written consent. We may ask for a $75 fee for these changes. 

Check out: You are deemed to have checked out if you remove all of your belongings and do not notify us, by email or personally(no texts), of your imminent return before 10am on check out day. Children 7 and older are allowed with a supervising adult. Please note that if you bring a child only 1 adult may accompany the child. 1 child and 1 adult = 2 people.   That is the maximum accommodation we allow.(see exceptions on the Reservations tab) 

 If we discover there are more than 2 people using the room there will be a charge of $200 per person per night for the full length of your stay and charged to the person booking the room. 

Hana is a rural community, and we are served by all of the utility companies. However, occasionally their may be interruptions to these services. We will not be liable for those interruptions. We reserve the right to approve or disapprove all requests for compensation for interruptions to any service. Also, we cannot be responsible for any connection problems you may have with any of your devices with our WiFi service . Our WiFi service is available for your use but we are under no obligation to provide you with this service. 

If you smoke or burn or bring any burned material into the room, there will be a excess fee of $150 to sanitize all cloth and other items that may absorb these odors. If we have to cancel a guest because of the odors you will be responsible for all costs and associated fees. The only thing you are allowed to burn in the Garden Room is your toast! 

Please, no guests or visitors are allowed except for registered guests. Please inquire with us first, if there is a good reason for having others visit you. 

As hard as we have tried, we cannot control the weather on your travels to Hana. Refunds are at our discretion. Late check-out @the rate of $50 per hour or any portion of an hour, to cover extra cleaning charges, and possible compensation to our next arriving guests. No services provided after checkout day, at 10:00am, or WiFi after 9:00am.