While photos give you a glimpse into Anya's exquisite home and surroundings, comments from vacationers, (just like you!) paint the real picture. Whether they stay a full week or three nights, people adore being here. Read why with these excerpts from Anya's guest book...

Welcome to Anya's house...
rave reviews keep pouring in
"This is the real Hawaii...so much more relaxing and enjoyable than the modern high-rise hotels with their beaches, tours, etc. Timeless beauty." 
- Ron and Karen

"We started off on our honeymoon at the Westin at Kaanapali and thought we were in paradise. Paradise started when we turned in here. We couldn't have asked for a more magical time together." 
- Mike and Marcy

"What a superb location for a honeymoon! We were absolutely delighted with the house, the views, the peacefulness and of course, the outside bathtub!" 
- Jon and June
"This is one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. We would love to visit again, for a longer time, to explore this rich landscape." 
- John and Shiva

"Two days was not even close enough time to fully understand and appreciate this place!" 
- Raf and Melissa

"We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful place to stay in Maui. What an incredible gem." 
- Lanthy and Evan

"A slice of paradise" 
- Elizabeth and John

"Unbelievable mountain and ocean views...exotic orchids, undulating palms" 
- Buck and Julianna
"The flowers, the starry bath and your extra-special touches were indeed healing to the soul" 
- Dean and Leah
"You made us feel right at home." 
- John, Phylis, Beth, and Deb.
"Showering in the rain is an experience we will never forget!" 
- Brian and Jackie
"It's like a dream come true for me. The view is like a painting, but it's real. I could sit outdoors for hours. The flowers are incredible. I love the special touches that you have put in your home." 
- Cindy
"I couldn't imagine a more heavenly place. I took a bath under the stars, moon, big dipper and more!" 
- Connie
"I was instantly dropped into Hawaiian time and began to relax immediately." 
- Pat
"Absolutely fabulous! The view the breeze the rain to sleep by, the quiet. One of the most perfect places." 
- Marcy and Alan.
"A real gem!" 
- Ross and MJ
"We feel as if we have won the lottery in finding your place." 
- MJ 
"We could not have asked for a more awesome vacation home. It was just what we were looking for and more. The location is beautiful and the close proximity to all "the good stuff" was great!" 
- Chris and Nicole.

"The idea of leaving tomorrow is heartbreaking! We will always remember this place and surely stay here longer in the future." 
- Susanna

"It was perfect. We just regret not to stay one more night here!" 
- Claire
"If, in our daily daydreaming, we could see heaven on earth, it would be your beautiful land, home and surroundings. Truly breathtaking " 
- David and Susan

"Your home is so romantic, even for an old couple like us!" 
- Maureen and Jim

"Our stress melted away immediately. We will stay longer on our next trip." 
- Amy and Nathan

"This was our second time around to be in your angelic space. We loved it and will be back many more times." 
- Curtis and Kat

"We especially enjoyed the sounds of gentle breezes, the outdoor shower, and waking to the rainbows dancing on the bedroom walls." 
- Mary and A.J.
"A peaceful place...so close to God's creation" 
- Kermit and Arlene
"Our time spent here was truly excellent" 
- Michelle and Pete
"Indescribable vistas, the sublime starry bath..." 
- Brooks and Kasson
"It felt like home only with a much better view! We loved the peacefulness it brought to our vacation and honeymoon". 
- Chris and Lea
"I told you we loved your home. In less than a year, we couldn't stay away for long!" 
- Lea and Chris
"After the excitement, chaos, and stress of planning a wedding, this is exactly what we needed." 
- Renee and Ken
"The garden, the seclusion, the view make this an unforgettable experience and a true vacation." 
- Tal and Daniel
"Your masterful weaving of paradise and home allows one to transcend being a visitor to this island and experience life as a Hawaiian native." 
- Mary and Sam
"Everything we needed we found and everywhere we wanted to be was just minutes away." 
- Jan and Ginger
"It was wonderful to feel the ocean breezes blowing through the house, heaving the waves, the birds chirping." 
- Steve and Christy
"One night is not enough!" 
- Nora and Fred
"It was wonderful to feel the ocean breezes blowing through the house, heaving the waves, the birds chirping." 
- Steve and Christy
"A plush sanctuary that promotes renewal and awakening". 
- Gwen
"This was probably the shortest three days of my life. Next time I'll stay longer. We are ecstatically happy!" 
- Karen, Kim and Travis Mary

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After reading through so many entries of folks who have stayed, I am sure you are used to comments of thanks and praise.  However, I would like to thank you for not only the wonderful accommodations, but for keeping such an amazing place "so affordable".  We are grateful for the beautiful place that did not require us to "break the bank". We felt like millionaires and hope to be back soon.
- Beth and David